Contents of the SIRFULL welding subscription

15 May 2020

Descriptions of the services included in your SIRFULL Welding subscription.

SIRFULL Welding is offered to you by subscription for a period of one-year renewable.

The subscription to SIRFULL Welding gives you access to several services. They are included in your BASIC or PREMIUM plan (compare functionalities).

Here is a quick description of the content of your SIRFULL Welding subscription


1. Access 1 to 3 users

abonnement sirfull welding logiciel soudage


The SIRFULL Welding subscription includes by default 3 nominative users (surname, first name, profession) in your work environment. Any additional user is costed via quotation (more information).

The 3 users can connect simultaneously to the solution, without limitation of workstation or location.

An internet connection and a web browser are sufficient to connect to your work environment.

At the end of this page, see at a glance the progress of your subscription.


2. Programme d’On-boarding

2.1 Remote training (max. 6 people)

formation à distance sirfull welding

Duration :

  • 1 day formula SIRFULL BASIC
  • 2 days SIRFULL PREMIUM formula


The distance learning is done via split-screen with our trainer.

This mode of operation is technically very flexible and easy to implement. You don’t need to be in the same meeting room to benefit from it. You choose your training rhythm: consecutive or spread out days.


2.2 Onboarding program (1-2 months)

Programme d’on-boarding (1-2 mois)

  • Historical Data Transfer Support
  • Personalized follow-up by email and phone


Our objective: To transpose your welding activity into SIRFULL Welding.

Changing work habits is not always easy. This is why your SIRFULL Welding trainer is at your disposal to help you take control of the solution. For a maximum period of 2 months, he will regularly remind you and help you to progress in the starting up of your solution (assistance with historical data recovery, blocking points, tips).


3. Customer support, evolution & maintenance

3.1 Support :

  • via tickets (24h/24h)
  • Via phone (working days)


3.2 Evolutions :

  • Historical Data Transfer Support
  • Personalized follow-up by email and phone


3.3 Maintenance :

  • corrective & evolving
  • performed remotely


4. How your SIRFULL Welding subscription works

You subscribe to SIRFULL Welding and then? (more info on how to subscribe)

  • After sending back the signed commercial offer from your SIRFULL Welding contact, and your users’ information (email, surname, first name and position), your users will receive their accesses in their email inbox (“set-up” phase).
  • As soon as the accesses are received, your users can connect freely (“receiving your accesses M1 ” phase).
  • At this stage, a SIRFULL Welding trainer will be assigned to you and will contact you to arrange a date for a distance training session (“RDV 1 M1” phase).
  • Following this training, you are ready to take over your historical data. Your trainer remains in contact with your users to accompany you in the phase of taking over the solution (“RDV 2 M1-M2” phase).


programme abonnement




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Before starting your trial...

...we invite you to an online demonstration. A Sirfull Welding expert will introduce you to your trial environment and give you the keys to take full advantage of your trial month (video conference, allow 45min).


Your credentials will be delivered to you after the demonstration.



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Avant de débuter votre essai...

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Les accès vous seront livrés après la démonstration.


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