La Business Intelligence (BI) est arrivée sur SIRFULL WELDING !

19 January 2021

Enjoy a broad view of your welding activity without spending hours in spreadsheets, it's now possible thanks to the Business Intelligence (BI) for welding available on the Sirfull Welding application.

In addition to the weld preparation and monitoring functionalities included in Sirfull Welding, we have added this powerful data projection tool.


Do you want to optimize your welding coordination and traceability? Sirfull Welding’s Business Intelligence (BI) is the next solution you should consider.


Gain a head start with Business Intelligence (BI) applied to welding monitoring


Business Intelligence (BI) is used to transmit relevant information to make decisions. It is appreciated by company managers, and we have adapted it to the welding business.


Our ambition is to provide you with robust, flexible and user-friendly dashboards to allow you to quickly get the information you need. Reducing the use of complex spreadsheets that are difficult to keep up to date means being one step ahead in the coordination and traceability of your welding activity.


With Sirfull Welding’s BI, you streamline your communications with auditors and managers. You share impactful and easy-to-read reports. At any time, you can project the state of your business, your welds in production or your welding qualifications.


The SIRFULL Welding BI offers you 4 high-performance dashboards to monitor your welding activity:


1. Business Management


What is the progress of my ongoing business?


slider image

(scroll over the image to zoom in)


Example of projected data :


  • Welding project in progress
  • Welding to be carried out per project
  • Controls to be carried out per project
  • Histograms of welds and controls to be carried out


Several filters are at your disposal to increase the accuracy of your search: business name, equipment, plan, business status, welding status.

2. Inventory of welds


What is the status of my welds?


slider image


Example of projected data :


  • Conforming/non-conforming status of welds
  • Welded length
  • List of committed WPQ
  • Project lists/equipments/plans


Filters: Delivery dates, the status of welds, cases

3. Welding qualifications


What are the upcoming WPQ renewals? Which of my qualifications cover which welding process and type of assembly?


slider image


Example of projected data :


  • The PQR/ WPQ available to the company
  • How many WPQ to validate/validated
  • Histogram of WPQ to be validated
  • Histogram of WPQ to be extended
  • List of WPQ validity dates
  • View on my processes and qualified assembly types


The filters: Qualification standards, WPQ


4. Welding performance


What is my weld conformity / non-conformity rate? What are the probable causes of my non-conformities?


slider image


Example of projected data :


  • Non-conformities by thickness/type of assembly/processes
  • List of WPS involved in non-conforming welds
  • List of compliant PQR


The filters: welder, business, equipment, plan, delivery date?


Business Intelligence (BI) is an option of the Sirfull Welding application to be discovered in the demonstration.

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