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At Sirfull, we value creativity, courage and the willingness to support and lead the company’s project.

We all share the same goal: to contribute to the development and transformation of the industrial market.

It is a meaningful role in a constantly changing environment. It is what brings us together and inspires us every day.

At Sirfull, we are committed to sharing with our teams the know-how and interpersonal skills that are essential to the development and continuous improvement of our solutions. Our team-based approach to the management of our company strengthens employees commitment and cohesion, providing the most promising career opportunities.

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« The integration and assistance of qualified and compassionate people is key to the successful development of Sirfull. » Jean-Claude LAMBOLEZ, President and Founder.

« What if we could develop the first digitalized health record of equipment? ».

Idea of Jean-Claude Lambolez – an expert in industrial standards, regulations and risk management – might seem a little crazy but was based on a simple observation: the monitoring of equipment involves a mass of paper, which is intended to ensure its traceability and compliance with the regulations. A real headache, a source of mistakes, malfunctions and additional costs for manufacturers.

Imagine now a digital Medical ID, with a doctor and a nurse dedicated entirely to the protection and “medical” follow-up of your equipment throughout their live.

This is Sirfull: a global asset management platform, associated with intelligent algorithms for the optimization and management of your equipment in real time, from the design phase, through its operation and to its dismantling.

With the strong support of Capital Grand Est – through the Alsace Création, Wille AG and Demeter investment funds, Sirfull has the ambition to be a leading industrial software editor, contributing to the transformation and serenity of the industrial market.

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