Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sirfull Welding

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the solution adopts the ASME IX, EN ISO 15614-1,15609 and 9606-1 standards for the European.

Yes, but there will be some small limits. SIRFULL Welding automatically fills the approval ranges of welder certificates and PQR for the standards it supports. Your company is free to add a new standard to the database, but these approval ranges will have to be inserted manually. All remaining features remain unchanged, but if you would like to implement the most commonly used standards for your business, please contact us with your specific request.

Yes, our team constantly checks for new standards, analyses them and, in the event of significant changes in the parties involved, updates the SIRFULL Welding code to comply with the new updated standard.

German, English, French and Italian.

SIRFULL Welding was created using Microsoft technologies and is hosted in secure data centers managed by Microsoft AZURE in Europe (Ireland and the Netherlands). Data is frequently backed up and the servers are redundant, which guarantees data security.

SIRFULL Welding is hosted on online servers in EUROPE. Your company data is accessible to you as soon as you use your login credentials, anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and a web browser.

In very specific cases, we can install SIRFULL Welding on your servers locally.

The majority of our customers have chosen manual retyping, as it remains the most cost-effective to date.  During the training phase, our trainer provides you with all the help you need to handle your data recovery as efficiently as possible. Mass imports are still possible to customize the technical database of the solution. In exceptional cases, we can offer you a data import service. More details on importing historical data.

Contact us to perform your personalized Return on Investment (ROI) calculation. In a few minutes, we can estimate your annual gains, the cost reduction compared to your quality budget, the ROI in months, the time of data retrieval, based on the collaborators involved in the weld quality follow-up and number of PQR/WPQR. With a quantified gain to rely on, it is much easier to justify your investment in SIRFULL Welding.

Contact us for a commercial offer. Your solution will be delivered to you within two working days at the earliest. More details on the buying process.