Features of SIRFULL™ Welding

27 March 2020

The welding quality management solution is available in PREMIUM 1 plans .

By subscribing to Sirfull™ Welding, you can choose between two functional scopes.


WPS, PQR & WPQR edition & management

The key functionalities for the management of welding activity:

  • Edit Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) in EN ISO or ASME standard using semi-automatic data entry or automatic form generation;
  • Manage your library of Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and your Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ). Make simple or multi-criteria researches (position, materials, diameters…). Register and update your Qualified Range associated with your PQR and WPQ;
  • Trace welding operations for renewals;
  • Be alerted of internal and external WPQ renewals;
  • Identify the welder qualified to perform a weld.


Data book edition

  • Centralize and update your qualification data and documentation (PQR and WPQ).
  • Compile automatically according to different welding book models.
  • Generate documents in multilingual versions.
  • Edit in PDF via a pre-established frame.


Project preparation / Drawing import & weld mapping 

  • Prepare the weld tracking chart.
  • Prepare the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) follow-up table.
  • Map welds on the equipment drawing.


Welding monitoring (weld log)

  • Follow the progress of production through the weld tracking table.
  • Identify welders / WPQ by projects, equipment, welds, or weld section.
  • Automatically generate the WPQ/ WPS matrix.


Manage material certificates (components & consumables).

  • Centralization of material certificates.
  • Manage certificates for filler metals and other consumables.
  • Store documentation.
  • Quickly associate certificates with components and filler metals used in a project.


Management of NDT and NDT results (test log)

  • Monitor and manage NDT controls by type (visual, radio, PT, etc.).
  • Manage the quality document validation workflow.
  • Reclassify welds under repair.


Manufacturer Data Report (MDR)

  • Automatic edition using saved templates.
  • Edit documents in multilingual versions.
  • Edition in PDF using a flexible framework.


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