Why ISO 3834 Certification makes your business relevant ?

17 November 2020

Certification provides documented evidence of your manufacturer's ability to manufacture top quality products by following a welding management system that meets the most stringent requirements.

This internationally recognized standard defines the quality requirements for fusion welding of steel materials both in the workshop and on the assembly site.

picture ISO 3834 - Pourquoi se certifier ISO 3834 ? - The importance of Certification to ISO 3834 - Die Bedeutung der Zertifizierung nach ISO 3834 - L'importanza della Certificazione secondo ISO 3834

Whilst ISO 9001 certification provides documented evidence of the quality of your quality management systems, it does not in any way demonstrate the ability of your staff or your company to undertake “special processes”, such as welding of pipes or pressure vessels. In fact, ISO 9001 is used to welding quality test but doesn’t provide guidance to correct identified defects. ISO 3834 was developed to identify all factors that could affect the quality of welded product and which need to be controlled at all stages, before, during and after welding. However, ISO 3834 can be used independently of ISO 9001

Why is it preferable for manufacturers being ISO 3834 certified?

Compliant manufacturers are more competitive than others thanks to the ISO 384 standard. Therefore, they can introduce themselves to new customers and open up new markets because the standard is accepted in European countries as well as worldwide. Besides, ISO 3834 optimizes the entire welding process, as it helps to reduce cases of non-conformity and therefore their related economic costs. The welding quality management system covered by ISO 3834 adds value to manufacturers’ production, improves the capabilities of welding coordinators and the expiry times of welders’ certifications.

Benefits of ISO 3834 certification

  • Demonstrating the firm’s commitment to comply with legal and regulatory requirements focused on parts of the QMS that relate to the control of welding as a “special process”.
  • Guaranteeing the consistency of the weld manufacturing process and thus also a stable and high quality of the services and products provided to the customers.
  • Demonstrating the adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of the QMS implemented by an independent third party
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the QMS, improving the organizational structure of the organization
  • Improving organization-wide order and increasing efficiency, particularly in the welding area
  • Optimizing costs – reducing operating costs, reducing the cost of non-compliant products, saving raw materials, energy and other resources
  • Strengthening of the confidence of public and state control bodies in the manufacturer who ensures the welding processes

What is the scope of ISO 3834 certification in the “standards pyramid”?

Manufacturers can certify welding quality assurance but do not need to own the ISO 9001 standard. However, we see in the pyramid of norms that ISO 9001 represent the top standard managing all the specifics requirements below.

  1. The “quality management system” provides the essential principles and the vocabulary, requirements and guidelines for performance improvement. It is a global approach to quality.
  2. The “customer contract” is accompanied by welding specifications. These documents specify adjustments to the European system below.
  3. The “expertise standard” for the construction of a welded assembly.
  4. The nature of the ISO 3834 welding quality system: “certification” or “verification of conformity“. Besides, there are 3 levels of requirements to be applied according to :
  • The criticality of the manufactured products (use)
  • The complexity of manufacturing
  • From the product range
  • Metallurgical problems
  • Manufacturing imperfections affecting performance
  • The referenced product standard or customer specification

In which industries are ISO 3834 certification widespread?

Although certification is not mandatory, it offers several business advantages over companies that are not certified. It should be of particular interest to companies involved in the welding of heat exchangers, pipelines and other pressure equipment, as well as those wishing to operate in the petrochemical, civil engineering, public infrastructure and defence sectors. ISO 3834 is incorporated into several mandatory product standards. The latest is the standard NF EN 1090 relating to the manufacture of metal structures and mandatory since July 2014. The ISO 3834 standard is also used in the railway sector (NF EN 15085), pressure equipment, boilers and piping as well as the transport of hazardous materials.

What does ISO 3834 certification qualify?

Now that we understand the purpose of ISO 3834 and how it fits into the manufacturer’s quality management systems, let’s outline what will be observed during the audit. As far as welding is concerned, it is necessary to know how to qualify these 4 main themes:

During the audit, other standards can be used to define the qualified subject matter. For example, the following are examples:

  • For welding processes and mock-up, we will use “EN ISO 15609” for WPS formats and “EN ISO 15614” for PQR.
  • “EN ISO 15608” to describe the “system for bundling metallic materials”.

All personnel involved in the certification process from the shop-floor to supervisors and higher management will benefit from increased process control, reducing rework and having defined clear instructions.

What do I need to produce to pursue the ISO 3834 certification?

During the ISO 3834 certification audit, the company must be able to provide evidence of the identification and traceability of welding quality. Below the main headings in ISO 3834 are:

  • Review of requirements
  • Technical review
  • Sub-contracting
  • Welding personnel − Welders and welding operators − Welding coordination personnel
  • Inspection & testing personnel − Welding inspection personnel − Non-destructive testing personnel
  • Equipment − Production and testing equipment − Description of equipment − Suitability of equipment − New equipment − Equipment maintenance
  • Welding and related activities − Production planning − Welding procedure specifications (WPS) − Qualification of the welding procedures − Work instructions − Procedures for preparation and control of documents
  • Welding Consumables − Batch testing − Storage and handling
  • Storage of parent materials
  • Post-weld heat treatment
  • Inspection & testing − Inspection & testing before welding; Inspection & testing during welding; Inspection & testing after welding; Inspection & test status
  • Non-conformance and corrective actions
  • Calibration and validation of measuring, inspection and testing equipment
  • Identification & traceability
  • Quality records

Some relevant Quality records to provide:

  • The requirements review / technical review report ;
  • Materials control documents;
  • welding consumables control documents;
  • Welding procedure descriptions;
  • Equipment maintenance report ;
  • Welding Procedure Qualification Records;
  • Welders’ and welding operators’ qualification certificates;
  • The manufacturing plan ;
  • Manufacturing plan ;
  • Qualification certificates of the staff in charge of non-destructive testing and inspections;
  • Description of the heat treatment procedure and records relating to the heat treatment;
  • Non-destructive and destructive test procedures and reports;
  • Dimensional survey reports;
  • Repair records and non-conformity reports;
  • Other documents, as required.”

As required by contract and product liability, retained for 5 years minimum.

How to implement the identification, traceability and quality records required by the ISO 3834 standard?


logo sirfull welding - Pourquoi se certifier ISO 3834 - The importance of Certification to ISO 3834 - Die Bedeutung der Zertifizierung nach ISO 3834 - L'importanza della Certificazione secondo ISO 3834

SIRFULL WELDING is a web browser-based software solution that allows you to trace and record the information and processes required by the ISO 3834 standard. Of course, you do not need to be ISO 3834 certified to use SIRFULL Welding. It targets manufacturers from all industries wishing to apply some or all of the ISO 3834 requirements or to undergo a certification process.

Welding procedure specification WPS iso 3834 sirfull welding software


SIRFULL™ WELDING has proven to be suitable for working with both French and international construction codes, in a multi-code and multi-standard approach.” (cf. customer case EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT).


Also, the software can automatically draft qualified WPS  using a PQR baseline, identify welds on the construction drawing or manage material and consumable certificates; these are all areas addressed by the ISO 3834 standard.


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