Optimize your welding preparation with SIRFULL™ Welding

12 November 2019

Long and complex fabrication cycles, short delivery delays, fabrication progression reporting...  Here are some examples of issues daily faced by manufacturers. The SIRFULL solution is straight forward: manage the welding preparation and monitor your fabrication process with a unique digital tool: SIRFULL™ Welding.

Why you should focus more on welding preparation?


To realize the importance of welds preparation and its impact in terms of time management on the welding activity, please ask yourself all those questions:


  • When orders and opportunities pile up, are you able to properly prioritize your projects?
  • Are you able to easily report the projects’ progress and results to your clients?
  • At any time, can you report the inventory of your available and qualified resources for one or several projects?


But how to do that when the business environment is still highly exigent for manufacturers?


Do you still find the time to well prepare and execute good welds when you deal with more and more exigent subcontractors, omnipresent regulations, shorter delays of fabrication and harsh quality documentation obligations?

SIRFULL doesn’t settle to its obstacles but brings you concrete answers.


40% of time-saving on the welding preparation


SIRFULL™ Welding gives you the necessary tools to follow in real-time your welds production and the performance of your welders :


  • Mark welds and components on your fabrication plans;
  • Access to the welds lists and corresponding WPS;
  • Visualize the progression of your welds production with interactive and customized dashboards.
  • Properly design your welds in a harmonizing environment;
  • Follow the performance of your welders by analyzing their productivity and all sources of non-compliances.


SIRFULL™ Welding software allows you to save time in welding preparation and production monitoring.

If you want to know more about our SIRFULL™ Welding, please feel free to ask for a brochure and a free webinar.

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