Be compliant and competitive : Norm ISO 3834

18 May 2017

Today's competition demands more and more skills, recognition, and performance... Differentiate yourself from the competition and improve your image with ISO 3834 by being one step ahead of the competition.

With the software SIRFULL™ Welding, you can comply with the EN ISO 3834 standard in any industry. It supports you in your desire to meet the quality requirements of the different parts of the EN ISO 3834 standard.


Indeed, the software is based on 3 distinct requirements:


  • Control and organization of welding quality: a review of requirements, management of subcontracting contracts, handling of non-conformities, etc.
  • Qualification and process management: welders, operators, WPS, PQR…
  • Welding monitoring and control: welding, NDT, heat treatment…



The norm EN ISO 3834


ISO 3834 is an international standard that defines all the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, both on the shop floor and the assembly site.

It is seen as a useful tool designed to facilitate compliance with the various quality and production requirements arising from various directives. Standard 3834 is suitable for independent application or can be integrated into any other management system by being coupled with other certifications (ISO 9001, EN 15085, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001).


The modalities of the norm EN ISO 3834


The certification ISO 3834 is a voluntary standard. However, it imposes a certain number of requirements.

It takes into consideration the following themes:


  • Quality: non-conformity and correction actions, traceability…
  • Review of requirements, technical reviews, and subcontracts
  • The organization of workshops, the management of procedures and qualifications: welders, WPS, PQR…
  • Welding monitoring and control: welding, NDT…


The applications of the norm EN ISO 3834


The ISO 3834 standard applies to manufacturers of welded products for such applications as :

  • Pressure equipment (pipes, heat exchangers, containers…)
  • Components of metal structures
  • Various sectors such as civil engineering, petrochemicals, automotive, railways…


The benefits of the EN ISO 3834 certification 


Standard 3834 is undeniably an asset for steel construction companies. But in general, it brings many advantages to companies, including


  • Proof of quality and production for customers
  • Ranking among qualified companies
  • Improved welding quality management
  • Cost savings thanks to more efficiency
  • Fewer weld repairs
  • Local and international recognition as a competent organization
  • Compliance with the welding requirements of the ISO 9001 standard
  • More opportunities and possibilities in responding to calls for tenders
  • The responsibility of welding coordinators


Extension of the validity period of the welder’s qualification (renewal of welders’ qualifications without having to go through a specialized body)


  • More effective welding coordination
  • Increased welding reliability and performance


To remember:


The ISO 3834 standard covers the quality management of the welding process. It can be used as an additional tool for the manufacturer, independently of the requirements of ISO 9001, to demonstrate to a customer or a third party that the welded products have been manufactured by the manufacturers of the standard.


If you want a software solution to master EN ISO 3834, discover SIRFULL™ Welding


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