Welder/WPS Matrix – Identify qualified welders to perform your WPS

26 Ottobre 2021

Take a snapshot of your welders' skills.

This new feature of the Sirfull Welding solution (welding quality management software) allows the user to assess the skills of your welders at a glance.


It is now possible to generate a Welder Qualification matrix in Sirfull Welding that can be applied to all Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS).


Welder/WPS Matrix – Identify qualified welders to perform your WPS

Easily obtain a Welder/WPS report for all your welders or for a selected group of welders.

Obtenir un rapport pour l'ensemble de vos soudeurs ou pour un groupe de soudeurs sélectionnés sirfull welding

Consult the detailed Welder/WPS matrix in an Excel file

Consulter votre matrice QS DMOS détaillée en format Excel

Presented in the form of a matrix, quickly identify the correspondences between your welders and your WPS.

How to obtain the Welder/WPS matrix?

The Welder/WPS matrix is available as an option in your Sirfull Welding subscription.

Contact: Vincent SALING – [email protected]



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