Import bulk data into SIRFULL™ Welding with the Swift Data module

Procedure Qualification Records (PQR), Welder Qualifications (WPQR) and the welds tables are the starting data of the very first user of SIRFULL™ Welding .

The PQRs, WPQRs and weld tables contain the essential information for the company’s welding quality management: area of validity, materials used, welding processes, qualification of welders, thicknesses, diameters, assembly sketchs, intensity etc.


In most companies, these documents are available in paper, PDF, Excel or Word format, or all 4 at once. All our customers ask us the same question: How to integrate them into the SIRFULL™ Welding solution?


The Swift Data™ module allows you easily import your essential data in a few minutes and access them in digitial forms right in SIRFULL™ Welding solution!


2 available options
  1. Provision of import of PQR, WPQR, and welds at the start of the project
  2. Access to the Swift module Data™ throughout the use of the Welding solution