Harmonize all best welding practices

Among the European leaders in natural gas transmission, GRTgaz was looking for a solution that met the requirements of its quality standards and was accessible to both operational staff and engineers, to optimize the quality control of its welding practices.
Harmonize all best welding practices

Within the Service Division, GRTgaz has 6 welding workshops spread across France, as well as an Integrity Division, which has expertise in this field.

The workshops operate on more than 300 gas connection sites per year and produce nearly 250 mechanically welded assemblies per year.

GRTgaz was looking for:

  • To have a uniform and constantly updated welding documentation (libraries of welding specifications, operating procedures, welder qualifications, etc.).
  • Align all its best practices and make them easily accessible through the implementation of new unified software.

Since 2017, the SIRFULL™ WELDING solution and its various functionalities have been progressively implemented in order to facilitate the end-users acceptance of the solution. About fifty users, with different professions and requirements, currently are using the platform.

  • Storage, edition and sharing of documentation: all actors in the welding industry are from now on enabled to access technical documentation, in its entirety or in part, from anywhere in the world.
  • Management of the traceability of controls, manufacturing and documents
  • An easy way to manage welder qualifications: SIRFULL™ WELDING makes it possible to optimize and cross-reference qualifications, without the need for the operator to know the standard by heart.
  • A higher degree of autonomy for the 6 workshops specialised in the field of welding.