Digitization of Emerson's production process

Emerson Process Management, a manufacturer of high-tech control valves for the nuclear, petroleum and petrochemical sectors, is equipped with the SIRFULL™ WELDING solution to digitize its welding activity and improve its competitiveness.
Return on investment and benefits:
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks by more than 50%: teams can then focus on higher value-added tasks (audit, accountability, autonomy and engineering)
  • Efficiency improvements of 30 to 75% depending on the job position.
  • No remarks or remedial actions raised during the audits: in 2014, 12 audits were completed by welding specialists (ISO 9001, ISO 3834, ASME, EDF, 2 Chinese customers, UTO, CNEPE…) No observations related to the welding quality process were raised and application has been considered as an additional benefit.
  • Process evolution and structuring: before the implementation of SIRFULL™ WELDING, process administration was spread over some applications. SIRFULL’s solution offers an optimal organizational structure, empowers teams and integrates controls that prevent non-compliance.
  • Independence of welders in the workshop for operating procedures and conformity of their production.

« We very much appreciated the reactivity on the evolutions of the solution as well as the flexibility offered by the configuration.

SIRFULL™ WELDING has proven to be suitable for working with both French and international construction codes, in a multi-code and multi-standard approach. » Mikael Clermidy, Manufacturing Engineer at Emerson Process Management.