Welding traceability and Weld mapping with Sirfull Welding

1 February 2021

Weld identification or weld mapping
is a method used to trace welds' data (welding traceability).

Sirfull Welding allows you to map (or locate) the position of the welds on the equipment drawing using pictograms that can be customized using its sketch tool. Each position is named and synchronized with the weld characteristics. Furthermore, the solution gives you the ability to do the same with components/materials (Bill Of Materials – BOM).


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The mappings made in Sirfull are sent into your welding data book or manufacturer’s file. You can export them in PDF format. Several drawings can be saved and mapped for the same equipment.


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The Sirfull Welding Weld Mapping feature displays a weld tracking table attached to the equipment drawing. There you can describe the welds but also the associated Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Qualifications (PQR and WPQ). The solution goes further by allowing you to automatically draft the WPS associated with the weld.


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Furthermore, you can fill in the Bill of materials (BOM) down to the last detail: grades, standard denomination, diameters, thickness. Sirfull Welding does more and allows you to recover the casting number, batch number and material certificates associated with the equipment components.


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