How to identify weld data on drawing using Weld Mapping ?

29 April 2020

One of the requirements of ISO 3834-EXC2-3-4 is the weld identification in construction plan (Weld map).

Identifying weld data is an essential part of the welding data book given to the customer during the preparation phase of the construction.

What is the difference between identifying weld data (weld mapping) and using drawing with Welding Symbols?

Identifying weld information should not be confused with Welding Symbols (see picture 1). Indeed, the weld can be displayed on a welded construction plan by the technical drawing rules standardized by the EN ISO 2553 (February 2014).

(picture 1 – example of welding identification line. Sources:

Namely, most technical drawing software has standardized symbol libraries such as ANSI, ISO, GOST and JIS.

Although the welding symbolism aims to explain how the weld are executed, the purpose of the Weldmapping is to show to the customer where the welds are located on the plan and how they are used in the welding data book.


How to identifying weld data (welding mapping) on a construction drawing in a welding data book?

Beforehand, welds are previously set up in a summary table before their execution. Each one has an ID (S01, W01 etc.), and these IDs are generally represented by a circle accompanied by an arrow to indicate joints location (see picture 2).
exemple de localisation de joints soudés sur un ensemble chaudronné filtre séparateur. Source:

(Image 2: example of welded joints mapping on a boiler assembly filter separator plan. Source:

To ensure that the welding databook is complete, each of these welds is marked with a WPS number. Each WPS must indicate the baseline PQR. And each WPS is a summary of the essential weld preparation parameters. This bundle of identification numbers/weld parameters/WPS/PQR generally leads to office automation problems (WPS writing, PQR scanning, weld summary table report etc.).

That is why the welding coordinator tends to juggle between between Word, Excel, Paint in order to obtain the right welding data book layout.


It should be noted that technical drawing software is not destined to cover welding quality documentation traceability and pagination.

How SIRFULL Welding helps you to easily identify and trace weld on a construction plan?

SIRFULL Welding sets you free from Word, Excel or other solutions crossed usage to layout your welding data book. From a simple drawing file importation (png, jpg, jpeg, pdf) you enjoy a full set of tools dedicated to define your welds and trace your welding quality data (watch video 1)

Video 1: How to make a weld map on a plan with SIRFULL Welding

From welding components/materials (Bill of materials) to PQR and weld specifications, each weld IDs are attached to registered and tracked welding data. With SIRFULL Welding, you can provide to your customer an automatically generated welding data book.

Learn how to easily compile and export your complete and personalized welding data book with SIRFULL Welding.

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